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Leveraging Facebook Lead Ads To Increase Your Sales

Leveraging Facebook Lead Ads To Increase Your Sales

Imagine that your dealership is running an amazing Facebook campaign that is relevant to your specific audience, and has leads scheduling appointments to take advantage of your awesome sale at your dealership!

You can achieve that with Facebook lead ads. Facebook offers a wide variety of ads to accomplish many things such as awareness and even driving traffic to your website. However, leveraging Facebook lead ads to increase your sales can be a game-changer for dealers offering incentives.

Facebook lead ads can:

·       Find Quality Potential Customers

·       Drive leads directly to your CRM

How It Works:

Facebook Lead ads show a static or video ad to targeted customers. When potential customers interact with your ad, they can easily fill out their contact info to send to your business to redeem a service or learn more about your product. These leads can be easily sent to your CRM or email for you to follow up with them.

Find Quality Potential Customers:

When it comes to acquiring leads, we know that not all leads are created equality. Many leads end up being not a good match or at worse, non-responsive. With Facebook lead ads, these leads are a direct response to a dealership sale or incentive that the user is specifically interested in and is reaching out to you. These ads can cut out the confusion about what is being offered and who they expect to be contacted by regarding this offer. No surprise cold calls! In Addition to that, these are hot leads! One of social media’s key characteristics is immediacy (think: instant messaging, instant uploading, etc.) There is no better way than to utilize this type of social behavior to increase your contacts and make a sale.

Drive Leads To Your CRM:

Another important feature of Facebook leads ads is the ability to drive lead information directly to your CRM. For your sales team, this feature is convenient and allows dealerships to collect accurate information who set an appointment and how long it took to close a sale.

Work with agencies that can optimize your efforts:

There is a method to the madness when it comes to leveraging Facebook lead ads to increase your sales for car dealerships. Social media ad success is a science, and working with an experienced full-service automotive agency can tailor your ads with the right formula. Our agency has years on social media experience to help grow your business in the most cost-effective way possible.

Contact us to learn more.

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