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How To Increase Car Sales

A large part of growing within the automotive marketing industry has to do with gaining marketing share. The Automotive Marketing Group is focused on growing your market share. With nearly 20 years of outstanding work in the business has shown that our strategic creative methods actually work. Each year we work tirelessly for our clients to become the preferred dealer in their market. We utilize their marketing dollars efficiently with tools that have proven results. We use tools such as television, radio, digital video, search engine marketing, email campaigns, and print graphics to increase car sales for our clients..

Here’s an interesting question: Which dealerships are most profitable today? Answer: The ones with the most units in operation (market share)… The way we see it, your share of the pie is either growing or shrinking.

Stuart Houser


That slice is determined by your ability to reach your customers in an effective way. Give us a call us today and let The Automotive Marketing Group show you how we can help you in your quest for gaining market share to help build a recession-proof store. Call us at 877.701.2886 or email us at info@theamgroup.net to get in touch.