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Very often in the car industry, we hear popular buzzwords that everyone seems to talk about. One of the latest digital marketing conversation being had is about Omni-Channel Marketing.

First, let’s talk about what Omni-Channel marketing is, and how it is different from multichannel marketing.


Omni-Channel marketing uses various channels to create an immersive buyers journey across multiple platforms.


This is a very different experience from multi-channel marketing, which, many automotive marketing agencies already use. Multi-channel marketing is comprised of siloed marketing efforts through multiple channels that operate independently from each other. Dealerships typically use various types of channels, but usually, they aren’t thoughtfully connected with the potential customer in mind.

Here is a perfect example of the use of OmniChannel Marekting to effectively sell cars:

Sarah, who is interested in purchasing a car, starts to research online about the type of car she wants to purchase. A few days later, when watching her favorite TV show on a streaming service, gets served an ad about your dealership and the current special you’re a running this month. The next day, while on Social Media, she sees an ad that allows her to submit her information to come in for a test drive and to discuss the specific deal related to the ad. Sarah receives a call, text, or email from your dealership about her inquiry, and an appointment is set. After the purchase, she receives follow up emails about service specials for oil changes, special dealership events, and helpful how-tos on features of her new vehicle.

Sarah is now a happy long-term customer and due to her experience will now become an ambassador of your dealership and tell her friends and family about your dealership.

Why does this matter?

Omnichannel marketing, is not just fad, as opposed to many other types of marketing strategies. Omni-Channel marketing is the product of a new type of buying experience for someone. Industries these days understand the importance of creating an experience for buyers, which has the ability to communicate with them on various platforms. This shouldn’t be any different for the auto industry. Partnering with a company that is able to use omni-channel marketing helps to build customer trust and foster relationships with clientele.

Choosing an agency with the expertise to provide an easy, comprehensive roadmap to how to grow your car dealership in the current market is key to your success. Having a one-stop agency that handles all of these aspects can help you get back to what you do best, selling cars. For expertise on navigating omni channel marketing contact us at www.theAutomotiveMarketingGroup.com or give us a call at 877-701-2886