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When it comes choosing which agency is best for your dealership, one thing to consider is the list of products and services they can offer to dealerships. There are many benefits to choosing a full service auto marketing agency that hosts all of your needs in-house.

An Overview of the Advertising Strategy: Seeing The Full Picture

Creating a cohesive promotion plan for a dealership can really help to establish goals to help drive marketing decisions. Working with a single full-service auto agency helps dealerships determine their advertising efforts. It allows a clear and concise line of communication. This ensures all parties are on one accord.

Decrease Double-Spending

Very often, dealerships are offered complimentary services in addition to other products are services that they are paying for from different vendors. These “add-on” services tend to follow a very “cookie cutter” strategy style. This does not help to optimize advertising efforts. For instance, services like complimentary SEM ads, aren’t custom tailored to your specific marketing needs. This can very easily cause a dealership to compete against itself when bidding for ads online. This can also drive up costs for the dealership if all parties aren’t aware of what is happening.

Seamless Integration & Faster Turnaround

Services like search engine marketing, social media advertising and re-targeting, conquest emailing, radio, and television can be produced and executed by a team of experts that specialize in each service. Incentives can be communicated once and various sales can be effortlessly duplicated across multiple platforms. This increases promotion potency to your market. Also, when you don’t have deal with multiple agencies, managers are able to cut down on the time needed to communicate with agencies, deciphers confusing reports. Also, their fully-dedicated agency is there to produce content in a shorter amount of time. This means that there is longer advertising time, which could lead to more opportunities and sales for your dealership.

Choosing a partner like The Automotive Marketing Group can help ease communication and help optimize your advertising efforts. Give us a call.